Paradise Beach with the Girls | Phuket

My girlfriend had traveled to Nong Khai and wanted her daughters to experience Phuket Island for the very first time. They came to Phuket by bus, it was a very long drive.

They were so exited to come and on the first day, we decided to bring them to Paradise Beach. Paradise Beach is located in the outskirts of Patong, near Freedom Beach. The beach is only a ten minute drive from the Hotel in Patong, we were staying at.

We had the most awesome day together. The favourite play of the girls is, to this day, scouting at the beach, in the sand and under the rocks for fish, crabs, squids etc. Only one thing can top it and that is looking for mushrooms, in the forest and watching videos on that specific subject, on youtube.

They found what they were looking for.

Their father died of illness, when the girls were very young. He was a Thai man, only in his early twenties..

It felt good inviting them to Phuket for a nice school holiday. They were supposed to stay a week, but we ended extending it up and having 4 fantastic weeks together.

So in this video, this was the first time the girls experienced Phuket and Paradise Beach.

Seeing them so grateful and happy was priceless.

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