Patong Mountain Walk

We start out on a rooftop of an old hotel. The plan was to launch the drone for the first time in night hours, to see how it handles, in low light conditions. An alarm gets triggered and I run.

After having recovered from the shock I decide to walk the Mountain trail in Patong and I bring my camera to document the event. I was so surprised about how many positive reactions I got, on this walk. I met so many smiling people that day and that is so unique about Thailand- it really is “the land of smiles”.

People go for this walk over Patong Mountain, in the late afternoons and many Many Thai Fighters run this path twice a day, mornings and afternoons. I remembered awhile ago I drove here on my scooter and a very tired fighter, asked me for a lift uphill and asked to get off 300m before the Muay Thai Camp and of course I gave him a lift.

I used to live on this Mountain and I had the most beautiful condo there overlooking Patong Bay. For 3 months I paid rent, electric and water to the Manager of the building.

After 3 months the owners representative came knocking on my door to collect rent. The money I had been paying had never reached the rightful owner and they already knew that the manager had run away with the money collected from 8 rooms. I had a one year contract now annulled and was asked to leave because the hotel was now fully booked via Agoda etc. I got my deposit back after a month of investigation. I was so sad to leave because it was such a nice place to live.

Anyways here is a video from my walk over Patong Mountain and I was always fascinated with movies like The Karate Kid and Kickboxer, so the music and style is in that genre.

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