Snakes, Big Buddha, Wat Chalong and Loy Krathong

While the girls are here on a school holiday, we set out to see a snake show in Kathu. The girls are so fascinated with all kind of animals, but snakes are definitely in the top 5.

As we arrive there, the girls and especially the smaller one, khun Nong Noi, start to feel quite scared. The staff there was very kind and also very funny. But while we are watching the show, a fake snake drops from the ceiling as a joke, to scare the audience and it certainly worked out well, because Noi almost fainted. They will always love watching snakes, but they will not go for another snake show, that is for sure. I think it was a good show and quite entertaining and fun. The Price was around 2000thb for the 4 of us. Not many people go there, so it was a private show and they start everything up, when you are ready. They have many spicicies and both huge and smaller ones.

Then we head to Big Buddha temple in Chalong. The statue of Buddha is gigantic and located on the top of a mountain, with stunning views of Chalong bay. The girls gets their blessings from a monk and we go look around. It is nice to go there and spend one hour.

While we are there, we decide to also go visit Wat Chalong temple, just 10 minutes away from Big Buddha. I found that more interesting.

On our way back to Patong, we stop to buy flowers and stuff to make a decoration for tonights festival of lights – Loy Krathong. Loy Krathong is celebrated by thais, to pay their respect to the Goddess of the water and the Buddha.

Here is our video of that Wonderful Day we had together:

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