Paradise Beach

Today I visited Paradise Beach and my plan was to make a beautiful drone video. I remembered my drone but I forgot my controller. Luckily I had my camera in my bag, so I shot a few images of Paradise Beach. I have a lot of content, from this location and I will soon fill up the category, Paradise Beach.

Paradise Beach is located in the outskirts of Patong. Driving there is very beautiful and adventurous, up and down hills and into some forest like area, past elephants camps and other activities such as ATV driving etc.

When you get to the parking area, you pay 100thb a person and a small bus will drive you carefully downhill to the beach, where the fee you paid, will get you a free drink.

Sun beds are now free to use and food and drinks is very affordable. The beach is clean and in general very beautiful, but if you arrive on a day with low tide, the water will be so pulled back and not really nice to use. Most days its perfect though.

Sometimes they will play some chill music vibes and I love going there. Check it out friends.

Here is the official facebook page, that will guide you to Paradise Beach

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