Freedom Beach | Patong

My friend invited me to join him, on a trip to Freedom Beach which is located in Patong, near paradise beach. Not many people go there anymore, as the gates are closed and you have to go a little off track, to get there. It is definitely not for everyone and I recommend, that you bring cold water, so you don’t dehydrate in the sun. There are wild dogs in that area and some people did get attacked, so please be careful.

Depending on the tide, it can be easy getting to Freedom Beach or a little challenging going over the rocks in flip flops. But the walk there is beautiful and peaceful. You will most likely have Freedom Beach to yourselves, at least until tourism is fully restored again.

You will find some plastic along the way, but focus on the good. Its amazing. If you want to snorkel, bring your own gear. There is many different fish along the rocks, but not much live coral life.

If you want a small adventure, you should go to Freedom Beach. Here is a video from our trip:

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