Burapha Boxing Gym | Muay Thai Patong | Phuket Thailand

Mum was invited to try Muay Thai at Burapha Boxing Gym in Patong- Phuket, Thailand. I brought my camera to ducument the first attempt. What a surprise, this tiny girl is a PowerHouse. I was very impressed and she did not complain about being tired or exhausted like most people would. She is a quick learner!

The trainer was very good at teaching and correcting her stands and she liked the session. We are both very fascinated by Muay Thai and we are both considering doing more of that. I tend to get lower back pain after doing a Muay Thai class, but now I have been doing Yoga for awhile, so maybe its time to try again. I hope to get it on camera- lets see..

Look at this girl go – watch the video below:

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