Bangla Road – Patong Nightlife

Do you remember the time? We had no idea of what was coming..

A cool drink enjoying the sunset of Patong from the perspective of a beautiful beach club, Kudo.

Then we go to explore the famous and notorious Bangla Road and Patong Nightlife. My friend is a fighter, so we always go to set new records on that boxing ball machine, before we take the first drinks in the bars of Bangla and a set of Pool.

We visit, Sweetie bar, Tiger bars, BarFunk, Tiger Disco, Hollywood, White Room and Illuzion. All free to enter and I think drinks and prices are still fair and affordable, considering to good time you will have there.

Today most is still not open, because of the circumstances. Do you think it will be like this again? When do you think it will be back to normal?

Video below:

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