Phuket Central Festival vs Floresta | Big C Vlog

Today I visit 3 shopping centers in Phuket Town. I park my scooter at Big C and launch the drone for a quick location overview comparison.

I like to eat in Central Festival Phuket. They have so many amazing restaurants and the food is very affordable and delicious. I also recommend Power Buy for electronics. The Mac store is a must visit.

The cinema is very cool and comfortable.

Central Floresta is for me mainly going to the different coffee shops, true, Starbucks etc. They also have the most amazing Aquarium there – you have to go see that! I also often buy camera gear, at Big Camera, like the microphone I bought in Vlog 1.

When I go to Big C its for the Arcade Section and I buy Software in there also. Food court is good too.

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