Patong Beach Right NOW | Phuket, Thailand

I just shot and edited this small video from Patong Beach as it is Right NOW.

The Island is definitely coming back to life and many people I meet, start to feel hopeful and exited again, about what might soon be coming – a hope for a brighter future. I pray for the many business owners and people of Phuket, that good things is just around the corner.

I did not have a chance to fly much with my new drone, the DJI mini 2 and I felt I needed some practice. Therefore I drove out and parked my scooter on high grounds overlooking Patong Beach – ready to test it out. It was pretty windy, but the drone handled very well.

Only down point was I started to lose signal about 1km away, so I did not get to shoot the entire beach. Quality is very good – all settings manual though to achieve this and color graded in post production.

I also got some nice sunset and evening vibes from the ground floor of Patong Beach. It looks so cool when they start driving on the beach in their jeeps, Atv´s etc. Getting ready to take the jetski´s and speedboats out of the water.

Well I hope you enjoyed watching and that you return to my blog soon again.

Video below:

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