Bangla Road | January 1 2022 | Patong Beach – Phuket 4K New Year

Bangla Road | January 1 2022 | Patong Beach – Phuket 4K New Year

I cover the nightlife in Phuket with these videos and today we visit Bangla Road Walking Street, Phuket- Thailand.

Its New Years Eve and of course I will give you a version through my lens. You have all helped my channel grow so much and I really appreciate your help in growing a community, that loves Phuket and the nightlife here so much. Please continue to support me and the channel.

As always I park in Soi Sansabai and fly through the street.

Today there is a 10 minute line to enter Bangla Road. The atmosphere is vibrant and lively today – people are happy. What a year this was!

After doing a walk up and down the street I book a VIP table at White Room, to chill and cool down a bit. This is the first day in years its been open. I come early and head to the beach just before midnight, to watch the fireworks.

The fireworks was very modest, but the people was amazing!

Walking back after midnight was magical – you have to see the full tour please!

Feel free to tell me how I can make these videos and my channel better or just leave a comment- it is much appreciated.

If you like the content – you know what to do 🙂

Happy New Year everyone.


My Gear List:

Camera Sony A7iii full frame

Sony Lenses 28mm f2.0 and 85mm f1.8

Gimbal stabiliser Zhiyun weebill s



DJI Mini 2

Backup camera Sony a6300

Editing in FPCX on macbook pro

( inspiration editors, Kold – Peter Mckinnon – JR Alli )

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Video inspiration Bangkok 112 – cheap Charlie chronicles Asian Night

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