Bangla Road | March 11 2022 | Patong Beach – Phuket 4K Full Tour

Bangla Road | March 11 2022 | Patong Beach – Phuket 4K Full Tour

I cover the nightlife in Phuket with these videos and today we visit Bangla Road Walking Street and Otop Bar Area in Patong, Phuket- Thailand.


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Hi friends – Normally I film the video from Bangla Road on Saturdays, but this time I choose to do it Friday. That is because the weather is a little unstable at the moment and I did not want to risk filming Saturday, because the weather report said 80 percent chance of rain. So for future videos, it will depend on the weather.

Bangla Road looks good today and lots of people are here.

Thanks to all the people that stop me to say Hi – I appreciate your support.

I drive to Otop Market after walking street / Bangla Road.

Feel free to tell me how I can make these videos and my channel better or just leave a comment- it is much appreciated. If you like the content – you know what to do!

All the Best to you and yours.


My Gear List:

Camera Sony A7iii full frame

Sony Lenses 28mm f2.0 and 85mm f1.8

Gimbal stabiliser Zhiyun weebill s


Drone DJI Mini 2

Backup camera Sony a6300

Editing in FPCX on macbook pro

( inspiration editors, Kold – Peter Mckinnon – JR Alli )

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1 comments On Bangla Road | March 11 2022 | Patong Beach – Phuket 4K Full Tour

  • I really enjoyed you’re video on March 11. Think your video is great when you buy people drinks and spend time with them. Perhaps you should buy a girl a drink number 2?

    Have been to Phuket, hope you do more like this video.
    Also you could set up a page where people could give you money for paying those drinks with more money to you:-)

    Understand that not all want to be on the video , but perhaps you could get an agreement before you film on who should be on it. I did see some of the bar was more happy to see you then the others.

    Last video did feel like a lot people did not wanted to be filmed and you kind of panic Abou it.
    Did see some film when there were a lot more people around. Perhaps could film when people are mor busy.

    Well, this is just my point of view, but perhaps it could give you some feedback least

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